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    Neway CNC Horizontal Machining Center Powertrain Automatic Line Completed Batch Delivery


    Neway CNC Equipment HE series horizontal machining center focuses on the processing of high-end box parts. With innovative design and perfect solutions, it has successfully obtained dozens of orders for engine cylinder lines. Recently, the customized powertrain lines have passed the acceptance test and completed batch delivery.



    1、Product Features HE series high performance horizontal machining center

    1、People-oriented design concept; pay attention to customer experience; high space utilization; in every detail, keep improving;


    2、The fast speed reaches 60m, 0-60m accelerates 0.2s, and the efficiency increases by 30%;

    3、High-speed high-power motorized spindle design, spindle speed of 8000rpm, motor power: 50/65kw, torque: 426/506 N•m, 0-8000r acceleration of 1.2s, effectively  improve the workpiece quality and processing efficiency;

    4、Full servo tool magazine, 1.6s tool change, as fast as lightning;


    5、The 180° indexing time of the worktable is only 3s, improving the processing efficiency;

    A variety of worktable modules are available (B axis, A axis, cradle five axis), fast response to high-end customer demand

    Provide hydraulic fixture interface, equipped with independent hydraulic system to ensure the pressure of clamping system

    6、Large travel, travel of X/Y/Z axis up to 1000/850/1000mm;

    7、Realize off-machine testing, simultaneous processing and testing, greatly reducing processing preparation time;


    8、Automatic identification of work pieces to avoid damage to machine tools by wrong operation;

    9、Reduce the area of machine tool by 20%, save space and greatly facilitate the formation of production line;

    10、Intelligent control, a variety of products automatically complete line change.

    2、Application industry - high precision box parts processing

    Engine cylinder

       Machine spindle housing

       Medical apparatus and instruments

       Aeronautics and astronautics

    云内发动机壳体 副本.jpg

    For more information, please call 0512-66070166

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