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    Successful hold of Neway CNC Equipment 2019 Technology Conference


    The 2019 technology conference of Neway was held in the multi-function hall on the afternoon of March 21. General manager Guo Guoxin, Vice-general manager Hu Chunyou, president of machine tool design and research institute Wei Jijian, factory director Wang Jiulong and more than 100 R&D, process and quality engineers attended the meeting.

    The conference awarded the honorary certificate to the team and individuals who won the Science and Technology Progress Award, Patent Award, Best Product Award, Science and Technology Paper Award in 2018.Among them, the Science and Technology Progress Award was granted to the teams who successfully completed the order for the production of automotive powertrain line. Besides, Portal machining center R&D Department won the title of “Best R&D Department”. Because they strived for excellence in product cost and performance, seized market opportunities and made great contributions to the growth of Neway CNC orders.

    Hu Chunyou, vice-general manager, made a product market report at the meeting, expounded the current market situation of Neway machine tools, and put forward requirements for the improvement of design from the perspective of sales. President Wei Jijian made a product research and development report, proposing to continue to supplement the company's product weaknesses, and constantly improve the reliability and cost performance of products. The chief engineer of Guan Qiang made a scientific and technological work report, reviewed the scientific and technological work in 2018 and clarified the plan and arrangement of scientific and technological work in 2019, encouraging everyone to attach importance to technological innovation, improve their level and make more achievements.

         General manager Guo Guoxin made a summary of the science and technology conference, congratulated the departments and individuals who won the award, proposed the goal of doubling the sales of Neway CNC Equipment in the next five years, and pointed out that the third factory still needs a large number of professional talents, encouraging scientific and technical personnel to innovate and realize their own value.



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